college of engineering and industrial technology

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ENGR. Orlando P. Echaluse


The gOALS of the college of engineering and Industrial technology:

Provide opportunities for qualified students to become professional engineers and technicians of the country. Specifically, the engineering programs are designed to:

  1. Acquire full understanding of the scientific principles and knowledge of the particular field;
  2. Develop a high level of competence in its engineering methods and application;
  3. Communicate effectively and succinctly important result of any technical study bith verbally and technically;
  4. Nurture the desire for continuing professional growth and explore new horizons in technology; and
  5. Imbue the graduates with socially and morally sound motivations and pronciples to live by.

Engr. Lucrecia Olvido

college secretary

Dr. Helen Mendoza

Industrial Engineering and Technology

Engr. Romulo Cruz Jr.

Electrical Engineering and Technology

Prof. Ryan Manuel Guido

Earth and Space Sciences

Engr. Dolores A. Cruz

Computer Engineering and Technology

Engr. Lorenzo Caranguian

Civil Engineering and Technology

Arch. Marirose Vocal


Engr. Gerry Cabrera

Mechanical Engineering and Technology

Engr. Roy Gomez

Electronics and Communications Engineering and Technology

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