Office of the President

University President

The following offices shall be immediately under the President ‘s and shall render specialized assistance inherent in, or as implied by, their respective office designation, subject to such additional functions as may be assigned by the President from time to time.

A. Office of the Executive Assistant

The Office of the Executive Assistant shall be composed of the Executive Assistant and such Deputies under him/her, as the President may designate from time to time, to assist the President in the performance of his/her powers and duties, and the purposes and objectives of his/her office.

B. Office of the University and Board Secretary 

The University and Board Secretary shall keep such records and exercise such powers as may be determined by the Board of Regents and shall head the University Secretariat which shall take charge in the recording and reporting of proceedings of the Board, the Administrative and Academic Councils, and the historical events of the University.

C. Office of the University Legal Counsel

The University Legal Counsel shall advise and assist the President in regard to all legal matters that relate to, and concern the University, its administrative and academic operation, and its relations with other government and non-governmental entities; Act as Legal Consultant to the Board of Regents and also as Chief Legal Counsel of the University, subject to deputization by the Office of the Solicitor General, in court and quasi-judicial bodies in civil and administrative cases involving the University or its officials, in the course of their performance of official duties; render legal opinions on official matters to the President, or the Board of Regents, and to render legal advice through the President, on matters involving legality of actions undertaken by the University officials in the course of performing their official duties; and act as Chairman of the Personnel Discipline Committee and the Employee Grievance Committee, and to hold regular investigations/hearings of such committees over cases and controversies submitted to the said committees for action, and to submit committee findings and recommendations thereon to the President for the appropriate action.

D. Office of the Internal Audit Service 

The Internal Audit Service shall assist the President and other key officials in achieving greater efficiency, economy and effectiveness in the operations of the University, by detecting and preventing fraud, waste and errors in the use of public funds and property; Ascertain the reliability and integrity of the University’s financial and operational information, and the means used to identify, measure, clarify, classify and report such information; Review, in accordance with instructions of the President, the operations and programs of the University, for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not results are consistent with established objectives and goals, and whether or not such programs are being carried out as plan; and recommend corrective actions on perceived operational deficiencies.

E. Office of Public Affairs  

The Public Affairs Office shall establish linkages with the media, issue press releases from time to time, and disseminate and promote to the public the various activities and achievements of the University; Act as spokesperson of the President to the media and the community, subject to the President’s instructions; and maintain a documentary and record of various events in the University for the purpose of conducting a public relations or information campaign.

F. Office of the Branch Executive Director      

The Branch Executive Director shall supervise the administration of the students/activities and discipline in the branch, in coordination with the Dean of the Student Affairs and coordinator assigned in said branch. No student activity organized by any student organization or those and sponsored by the colleges or the Cultural Affairs Office or other offices or other departments may be allowed unless the same is approved by the Branch Executive Director; Supervise the preparation of the teaching loads of faculty members in the branch, the operation of the branch libraries, the admission ofstudents, the operation of the various offices and facilities, and the maintenance of buildings and grounds, in coordination with related offices in the main campus.

G. International Relations and Grants Office 

The goal of the IRGO is for the University to have a well-balanced international caliber education, and such can be achieved through the following objectives:

  • Strengthening and focusing more on the exchange and linkages services between the RTU and other universities across the globe.
  • Joint-research and faculty exchange programs
  • Cultural and educational programs for international students
  • Support for the various international conferences and activities held at RTU
  • Promote internationalization of higher education