The Rizal Technological University believes in nurturing the creative potentials of Filipinos to excel in a dynamic world order and advocates commitment to global peace and sustainable development along with a sense of moral responsibility and cultural patronage.


A prominent University recognized for its commitment to innovative programs in addressing society’s challenges.


Prepare students to create their future in a knowledge-driven and culturally diversed society.

Core Values

The RTU shall uphold the following shared values:
We put premium on high-quality service in everything to everyone.
Affordable and Accessible Education
We provide affordable and accessible education to qualified and deserving students.
We place student’s needs at the center of our academic and service planning, policies and programs.
Research and Scholarship
We are committed to research and scholarship to better serve society, enhance lives, enrich classroom experience and foster love for learning in all our faculty members, staff and students.
Internally, we build a university environment that is characterized by open communication, respect, collegiality and active involvement in shared governance. Externally, we strengthen linkages with local and international business, industry, education, community, government and non-government organizations.
Integrity and Accountability
We operate with fairness, honest and highest ethical standards to sustain a community of trust. As such, we implement a system of responsibility accounting for all programs and projects.
Openness to Cultural Diversity
We are open to understanding and accommodating diverse culture orientations in our educational and civic life.
Civic Responsibility
We are committed our position as a good neighbor by involving members of the university community in a variety of supportive and service activities.

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