quality policy

The Rizal Technological University is committed to quality instruction, research, extension and administrative services attuned to Quality Management System in order to achieve the highest level of stakeholders’ satisfaction and mutually beneficial partnership. The Institution shall be responsive to the needs of continual improvement and standards.

quality objectives

  1. To implement an effective quality quality management system by establishing procedures to enhance access to quality tertiary education and support undertaking of research and development;
  2. To strengthen linkages for extension services by offering timely service through reaching out to the community using well thought out research and outreach programs;
  3. To maintain efficient and effective communication between members of staff and university customers to improve performance of internal administrative and institutional support structures;
  4. To continuously monitor and review performance of university structures and systems to ensure continual improvement of our services to our customers.


dr. ma. eugenia m.

SUc President II

Offices immediately under the  President:

  1. Office of the Executive Assistant
  2. Office of the University and Board Secretary
  3. Office of the University Legal Counsel
  4. Office of the Internal Audit Service
  5. Office of Public Affairs
  6. Office of the Branch Executive Director, and
  7. Office of Instructional Materials Development.

dr. magno m.

vice-president for academic affairs

Colleges and units under the Vice-President for Academic Affairs:

  1. Graduate School (GS)
  2. College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
  3. College of Business and Entrepreneurial Technology (CBET)
  4. College of Education (CED)
  5. College of Engineering and Industrial Technology (CEIT)
  6. Institute of Physical Education (IPE)
  7. Laboratory High School
  8. Senior High School
  9. Department of Cooperative Education (DCOE)
  10. Review Center (RC)

dr. rodolfo p.
aldeon jr.

vice-president for development and administration

Offices immediately under the Vice-President for Development and Administration:

  1. Management Information Center
  2. Center for Continuing Education
  3. Accreditation Office
  4. Administrative Services Office, shall have direct supervision over the following:
    • Human Resource Management Office
    • Records Management Office
    • Physical Plant Development Office
    • Property and Supply Office
    • Civil Security Office
    • Printing Office, and
    • Transport Services Office
  5. Financial Services Office, which shall have direct supervision over the following:
    • Accounting Office
    • Budget Office
    • Cash and Disbursement Office, and
    • Business Management Office

dr. aphril a.

vice-president for student services

Offices immediately under the Vice-President for Student Services:

  1. Department of Student Affairs
  2. Office of the Dean of Student Records and Admission Services (Registrar)
  3. Guidance and Counseling Center
  4. Learning resource Center
  5. Scholarship Office
  6. Cultural Affairs Office, and
  7. Auxiliary Services Office

dr. julius l.

vice-president for Programs, research and
extension services

Offices under the Vice-President for Programs, Research and Extension Services:

  1. Research and development Center
  2. Department of Extension Services and Technology
  3. Office of the National Service Training Program
  4. International Relations and Grant Office
  5. Gender and Development Office, and
  6. Alumni Relations Office
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