dr. ma. eugenia m.yangco

SUc President II

Offices immediately under the  President:

  • Pasig Campus
  • Curriculum and Instructional Resources Development Center
  • Alumni Relations and Placement Office
  • Disaster Risk Protection Office
  • University Data Protection Office
  • Internal Audit Services Center
  • International Linkages and External Center
  • Quality Management System Center
  • Legal Affairs Office
  • Sports Development and Wellness Center

dr. magno m. quendangan

vice-president for academic affairs

Colleges and units under the Vice-President for Academic Affairs:

  • Graduate School
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology
  • College of Business and Entrepreneurial Technology
  • College of Education
  • Institute of Physical Education
  • Senior High School
  • Cooperative Education Center
  • Review Center

dr. rodolfo p. aldeon jr.

vice-president for Finance and administration

Offices immediately under the Vice-President for Development and Administration:

  • Administrative Services Center
  • Financial Services Center
  • Human Resource Development Center
  • Management Information Center

dr. aphril a. alcalde

vice-president for student services

Offices immediately under the Vice-President for Student Services:

  • Student Records and Admission Center
  • Guidance Services Center
  • Medical and Dental Services Center
  • Center for National Service Training
  • Center
  • Center for Student Affairs
  • Scholarship and Grant Office
  • Auxiliary Services Center
  • Inclusive Education Center
  • University Learning Resource Center
  • Cultural Affairs Center

dr. julius l.

vice-president for Programs, research and
extension services

Offices under the Vice-President for Programs, Research and Extension Services:

  • Extension and Community Services Center
  • Gender Studies and Development Center
  • Intellectual Property Management Center
  • Research and Development Center
  • University Planning Center
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