Scholarship and Financial Assistance

Scholarship Office

The RTU Scholarship Office was created to cater to the varying needs of students that excel academically and children of families who are financially and socially deprived. The members of the later group classification are those whose education are being financed by philanthropic and civic-spirited individuals, honor societies, private sponsors, business establishments, and government entities.

In addition to this, its functions and duties are extended to the creation of developmental programs to alleviate the concerned students from less fortunate societal status to a better individual. The developmental programs concerned involve the upliftment of the scholar/grantee in academic, physical, moral and spiritual aspects to help him/her to develop into a well-rounded and productive citizen.

Scholarship Office – Update data

  1. ELMER M. MARTIN – Vice President for Students Service | Contact: (02) 534-82-67 loc 125
  2. AMADEO C. LANUZA, JR. – Head Scholarship Office and Focal Person for ESGP-PA Program | Contact: (02) 534-82-67 loc 141
  3. EVECITA E. ABELEDA – SO Staff and Coordinator – Pasig City Campus
  4. WILLIAM N. FORTUNA – SO Staff and Coordinator – Boni Avenue Campus
  5. JOSEPH MATTHEW II M. ALDEGER – SO Staff (Student Assistant)- Boni Avenue Campus
  6. MARIEL G. AMBAN– SO Staff (Student Assistant)
  7. THALIA MARIEL V. CUAMBOT– SO Staff (Student Assistant)

Functions and Services of Scholarship Office

  • Caters government and private entities who are interested in supporting intellectually-gifted and poor but deserving students of the University
  • Maintains constant communication with the benefactors and updates them on the academic performances of the beneficiaries
  • Facilitates enrolment of scholars from various grants, giving particular attention to new ones
  • Monitors scholars performance through its Log-in Policy
  • Organizes seminars and other activities that aim to discover, and enhance the different skills of scholars, with the help of Impassioned Scholars’ Alliance (ISA) and Pasig Campus Scholars Council (PCSC)
  • Provides counseling to the scholars on their problems that might affect their studies
  • Gives assistance to the scholars academic needs by free computer access for researches and encoding of various paper works and other means that would benefit them.

Major Divisions of Scholarship Grants

Institutional Grants
These are given by the University and are shouldered by the subsidy from the National Budget. Benefits range from 50% to 100% tuition and miscellaneous fee discounts. Included in this division are:

discount is based on the General Weighted Average (GWA) of the applicant

sponsored by RTU Grand Alumni Association, Inc. (RTU-GAAI)
Athletic given to the players that are sent to local and national sports competitions, including SCUAA and other athletic competitions

offers 60% tuition fee discount to students enrolled in Cooperative Education 1

given to members of the University’s audio-visual and performing arts group

Employee C/O
faculty members deduct the tuition and miscellaneous expenses of their selected beneficiaries from their monthly salary

Employee Free Tuition
given to maintenance team of the University

given to members of The Guardian Publication, the official campus organ of the University

given to the University’s ROTC officers

offered by the University’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Government Grants

These grants are generally given by government agencies (like CHED-administered programs). Some are given by local or national officials to their contingents (like CMCS, Cong. Albano and RCSF). These include:

Barangay/Sk Educational Assistance C/O Atty. Jessie Cruzched


Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption (Cibac)

City Of Mandaluyong Collegiate Scholarship (Cmcs)

Cong. Albano

Cong. Romulo ( Pasig)


Gsis Educhild


Philipine Veterams Affairs Office (Pvao)

Quezon City Scholarship And Youth Development Program (Qc-Sydp)

Rizal College Scholarship Foundation (Rcsf)

Safe4sr (Study Now, Pay Later)

Private Grants

These types of scholarship grants are given by private entities/institutions and non-government organizations. Some submitted themselves in the University’s Accounting System; others issue checks for indorsement to the Cashier. Some of the grants include:

Asian Development Bank Spouses’ Association (Adbsa)

Atty. Millar Scholarship Foundation

Atty. Pedro D. Ricafranca Sr. Memorial Scholarships

Global Greenwich Ak


Jollibee Aral Kabuhayan (Ak)

Lourdes School Of Mandaluyong Class ‘73 (Lsm’73)

Madam Marivic Caruncho ( Pasig)

Mandaluyong Civic Group Of Southern California (Mandacal)

Neptali A.Gonzales Memorial Scholarship Foundation

Real Life Foundation

Tokyo-Tokyo Ak

Wack-Wack Golf And Country Club