Laboratory High School


Ensure that all learners are equipped with knowledge, habits, skills and values necessary to enhance their capability as disciplined, productive and responsible.


Quality Education anchored on the development of the maximum potentials of the learners to make them morally upright, globally competitive and responsive to the demands of a technologically advancing society.


1. Upgrade the high school academic programs and internship in terms of instructional aspects;
2. Provide proper academic training responsive to the objectives of instructional and internship programs of the institution;
3. Develop greater effectiveness of the theoretical and classroom training; and
4.Equip students with the knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes that will make them productive, competitive and responsive to the demands of the time.

Curricular Offerings

First Year
Subject Title Subject Description
Filipino I Pakikipagtalastasan at Ibong Adarna
English I Communication Arts & Phil. Literature
Mathematics I Elementary Algebra
Science & Technology I Integrated Science
Social Studies I Philippine History
MAPEH I Music,Arts,PE & Health
Values Education I Responsible Individual
Computer I Computer Basics
Technology I Business Tech I,Civil Tech. I, Drafting I, Electronics , Home & Family Living I, Metal Works I
Second Year
Subject Title Subject Description
Filipino 2 Pakikipagtalastasan at Florante at Laura
English 2 Communication Arts & Afro-Asian Literature
Mathematics 2 Intermediate Algebra
Science & Technology 2 Biology
Social Studies 2 Asian History
MAPEH 2 Music,Arts,PE & Health
Values Education 2 Social Relationship
Computer 2 Exploring ICT
Technology 2 Business Tech. 2, Civil Tech. 2, Drafting 2, Electronics 2, Food Trades 2, Garment Trades 2, Machine Shop 2
Third Year
Filipino 3 Pakikipagtalastasan at Noli Me Tangere
English 3 Communication Arts & English-American, Literature
Mathematics 3 Geometry & Basic Statistics
Science & Technology 3 Chemistry
Social Studies 3 World History
MAPEH 3 Music, Arts,PE & Health
Values Education 3 Work Values
Computer 3 Basic Programming
Technology 3 Business Tech. 3, Civil Tech. 3, Drafting 3, Electronics 3, Food Trades 3, Garment Trades 3, Machine Shop 3
Fourth Year
Subject Title Subject Description
Filipino 4 Pakikipagtalastasan at El Filibusterismo
English 4 Communication Arts & World Literature
Mathematics 4 Plane Trigonometry & Basic Calculus
Science & Technology 4 Physics
Social Studies 4 Economics
MAPEH 4 Music, Arts, PE & Health
Values Education 4 Nature & Moral Values
Computer 4 Hardware & Trouble Shooting
Technology 4 Business Tech. 4, Civil Tech. 4, Drafting 4, Electronics 4, Food Trades 4, Garment Trades 4, Machine Shop 4


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