College of Education

This program provides academic preparation for prospective teachers for
Secondary Education, Professional Education and Field of Specialization/Majorship.


Avowed to make teaching an attractive career for the most deserving students capable of becoming highly motivated educators equipped with positive values, appropriate training and skills.


Let the teacher be at the helm of all professions deeply imbued with positive values and enhance competence to bring forth a culture of excellence and world class competitiveness.


1. Establish a center for excellence for teacher education programs;

2. Obtain bigger percentage of employability of teacher education graduates with the corresponding high passing rate in licensure examinations;

3. Attract the most qualified faculty and students into the teaching profession;

4. Equip teachers with professional advancement necessary in molding their students to commit themselves to this noble endeavor; and

5. Promote among students the true Christian spirit manifested be value-laden attitudes and behavior.

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in:



*Physical Science


*Social Studies

Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education Major in:


-Computer system Servicing

-Visual Graphic Design


Job Opportunities:


High School Teacher                                Instructional Materials Developer

Tutor                                                      Seminar Trainer/Facilitator

Researcher                                              Master Teacher

Guidance Counselor                                  Department Head

Module Writer                                            Principal

Textbook Writer                                         Assistant to the Principal


For inquiries please call:

College of Education

Telephone No. 534-8267 Local 142