NEARING COMPLETION: The Health and Wellness Building

Posted on July 9, 2018

This afternoon (July 9, 2018) we visited the Health and Wellness Building currently under construction. The Building should be about 85% completed by now.

There are various facilities to be found inside such as the dance studio, swimming pool, badminton and table tennis hall, the weights and workout room, the basketball court/volleyball court on the 7th floor.

The basketball/volleyball court will be installed with maple flooring, while the dance studio is currently being fitted with engineered wood.

The swimming pool is 9 meters by 5 meters, just enough size for the building and should be good enough for some endurance training. It will be four feet deep.

There is a number of airconditioned lecture rooms. The lobby will be adjacent to the Registrar’s Office and will serve as lounge.

The Building is planned to be inaugurated by November this year.

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