Posted on April 18, 2018

Please Don’t Neglect the Pasig Campus

These are some pictures of the Pasig Campus in 2007, a few years before I became President. You can judge for yourself. This was the period when many programs were transferred to the Mandaluyong Campus, such as all fields in Engineering, and also Accountancy. All Education students were transferred to the Mandaluyong Campus in their 4th year. Some administrators who were all based in the Mandaluyong Campus had the problem of monitoring the academic programs in the Pasig Campus, and their solution was simple. They just transferred the programs to the Mandaluyong Campus even without considering some important factors such as the place of residence of the students or whether they will have the money to pay for their transportation or to have enough cash to buy food. With the tuition fee the RTU was collecting at the time which was high compared to other State Universities and Colleges, fewer students enrolled in the Pasig Campus. Look at the condition of the building and you can see why.

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