Posted on March 24, 2018

Here they are. The 5-year Electrical Engineering graduates. The first batch of Engineering graduates in the Pasig Campus. They are now part of the history of the RizalTech.

Years ago I told the people in the Pasig Campus that we should have the capability to give our Engineering students in that campus to finish their degrees in the Pasig Campus itself. Our tradition was to have them take the first two years in the Pasig Campus and then transfer to the Mandaluyong Campus for the next three years in their program. To me this was not acceptable. So we began acquiring state-of-the-art equipment and computers for the CEIT in the Pasig Campus. The new MAE Building that was built through the sponsorship of former Mayor Maribel Eusebio and Mayor Bobby Eusebio ensured that we would have adequate space for the equipment acquired and will continue to acquire.

The names of these history makers are:

  1. Abella, Angelbert Marvin D.
  2. Alfaras, Jim Harold E.
  3. Concepcion, Luic Bryant C.
  4. Esteba, Vanessa Joy Q.
  5. Hapa, John Paul F.
  6. Hernandez, Lea D.
  7. Madera, Natahniel G.
  8. Mataganas, Renante P.
  9. Miralles, Michael Angelo M.
  10. Pondalis, Jhon Rey B.
  11. Quibal, Alvin M.
  12. Rodriguez, Ferdinand R. Jr.
  13. Sabado, Ejie D.
  14. Soliman, Johnzel Mark D.
  15. Welling, Jayjay D.
  16. Zapanta, Rustan Cerjo Rei U.

Study well and pass the board exam.

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