Posted on December 9, 2017

In 2004, I went to PAGASA to introduce myself and my continuing work in Urban Astronomy.  By this time, I have written seven Volumes of the work which will eventually reach 20 Volumes, but the people in the RizalTech ignored it and were even becoming downright hostile to the work and to me.  I had to spend my own money in bookbinding Volumes 6 and 7 and one Vice President even emphasized that it was our “moral responsibility” to produce researches relevant to our mandate as an institution, and Astronomy was not one of them. 

I brought all the seven finished volumes to Dr. Soriano, who called Elmor Escosia who was working in the Astronomy Research Section, then headed by Dr. Cynthia Celebre.  Dr. Soriano took cognizance of the work.  It was the start of a fruitful professional relationship which eventually led to the offering of the MS and BS Astronomy programs in the RizalTech.

BERNARDO M. SORIANO JR., formerly the Chief of the Astronomical, Geophysical, and Space Sciences Bureau of PAGASA came for a visit this morning.

Dr. Soriano whose PhD is in Meteorology from the University of the Philippines, is an Individual Member of the International Astronomical Union.

He has retired from PAGASA years ago and is now based in Canada. 

Dr. Soriano is one of the experts who studied and drafted the curriculum of our Astronomy programs, particularly the BS in Astronomy Technology and MS in Astronomy.  He taught for a few years in the MS Astronomy program before he retired. 

BMS, as he is fondly called by astronomers in the Philippines, is a Lifetime Achievement Awardee of the National Research Council of the Philippines in Division XII (Earth and Space Sciences).

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