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Four Presidents on One Occasion

Posted June 29, 2018

This was on April 30, 1994 on the occasion of the 25th Founding Anniversary of the Rizal Technological University. Four Presidents, past, present, and future attended an occasion which to my memory of the history of this University, was an extremely rare event after Dr. Lydia Profeta’s last day in service as President on March 21, 1986. On March 21, 1986, Dr. Profeta who was then the President, Dr. Estolas then the Vice President for Research and Extension, and Dr. Macaballug sat on my oral defense for my doctoral degree. Dr. Profeta was my Adviser. Drs. Estolas and Macaballug were members of the panel.

After this day, the four of us never met anymore in any single occasion as far as I can recall—until this April 30, 1994. In October, 2010, we were together again, the four of us—once. Una, sa bahay ni Dr. Profeta. Nasa extreme left ako ng bench, si Dr. Macaballug sa gitna, si Dr. Estolas sa kanan. Si Dr. Profeta nasa harapan naming tatlo, She has died. Nakaburol na sya.

Also, I don’t know if there are other extant pictures of the Four Presidents in attendance on any given occasion even when Dr. Profeta was still the President.

The University was still the Rizal Technological Colleges then. We held the program in the RTC Pasig Campus grounds which was then located inside the Rizal High School Campus in Pasig City. The building on the background is the old Isidro Rodriguez Hall, a long 260-meter building built along the Marikina River almost to the length of the RHS lot itself.

In these pictures we received awards from the institution for our past services to her, and then we delivered our speeches. Dr. Macaballug was the President then. I was the one and only Vice President at the time. In 1994 we struggled to restore order in the institution. Ang laki ng problema ng RTC noon.

I can recognize some familiar faces in the background of the pictures. Engr. Raynaldo Santos was sitting on the left of Dr. Estolas while she was delivering her speech. Kumpleto pa buhok nya at me bigote pa. In the audience, I can recognize Mr. Celestino Gatchalian and Greg Coronel, pero mga namatay na sila. The emcee was Dr. Amelita De Guzman. She still teaches in the RizalTech.

On the 2nd floor of the building I can see Mr. Clemente Diaz, now also deceased. I invited Ray Santos to the President’s Office to show him the pictures. We realized that we who were the younger generation then are now the elders of the University.

Binata pa ako dito sa occasion na ito. Kumpleto pa buhok.

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Goodbye Julpha

Posted on June 20, 2018

Julpha Villa, RizalTech Arnis athlete, passed away yesterday morning, June 19, 2018.

On March 14, 2017, knowing the dreaded disease that struck her, together with Dean Reydora Flordeliza and Director Norie Larosa, we visited her in the hospital in Cagayan De Oro City where she was confined to confer upon the degree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. In her condition at the time she would not be able to fly back to Manila to attend the commencement exercises that was to be held in May of that year. Here are some of the pictures and a video of the event.

Julpha was a great athlete, winning for the RizalTech numerous gold medals in the competitions where she took part as member of the Arnis Team.

This one fight was her last. It was a fight for her very own life. She fought well up to the last moment, but she lost the battle, like we will all do. But that is how we will win.

To conquer death we only have to die.

So long champ.


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12th Rank and Much Room for Improvement

Posted on June 14, 2018


We need four more performances in the LET to qualify for the Center of Excellence title from the CHED. I think we can do it, but the faculty and the students alike should make an uncompromising and hard commitment to achieve such result. On the very first day of classes everybody should set the objective of giving the students the greatest chance to pass the board examination. Congratulations to the CED—at the moment.

So much must still be done. You must break this year’s record in the coming Licensure Examinations for Teachers.

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June 1( Re posted)



JUNE 1, 2018 (Re posted)

List of Vacant Positions in Compliance with RA 7041

Vacant Positions  Item Numbers  Qualification
(1) Administrative Aide III (SG-3) RTCB-ADA3-47-2004


Completion of two-year studies in College, No experience required, No training required, w/ Career Service  Sub Professional or Appropriate first level eligibility.
(1) Administrative Aide IV (SG-4) Casual Position Completion of two-year studies in college or High School Graduate with relevant vocational/ trade course w/1 year relevant experience, No eligibility required.


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May 15, 2018



(May 15, 2018)

List of Vacant Positions in Compliance with RA 7041

Vacant Positions  Item Numbers  Qualification
(1)Accountant II (SG-16) RTCB-A2-1-1998


Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, BS
Accountancy/Business Administration major in Accounting w/ 1 year of relevant experience, 4 hours relevant training w/ RA 1080 (CPA)
(1) Admin Aide VI (SG-6) RTCB-ADA6-28-2004 Completion of two-year studies in college. 1 year relevant experience, 4 hours relevant training with Career Service (Sub-professional) Firs Level Eligibility with computer operation knowledge.


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