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JANUARY 15, 2018



(January 15, 2018)

List of Vacant Positions in Compliance with RA 7041

Vacant Positions  Item Numbers  Qualification
(1) Medical Officer III (SG-21)  RTCB-MDOF3-1-2010 Doctor of Medicine; RA 1080 Eligibility and with relevant training and experience
 (1)College Librarian II (SG-15) RTCB-CL2-1-1998 BSE Library Science w/ 2 years of relevant experience and 8 hrs relevant training w/ License Librarian
(2)Administrative Assistant II




Completion of two year studies in college w/ 1 year of relevant experience and 4 hrs relevant training w/ Career Service (Sub-Professional)/First Level Eligibility
(3) Administrative Aide VI (SG-6) RTCB-ADA6-23-2004



Completion of two-year studies in college or high school graduate with relevant vocation/ trade course and w/ 1 year of relevant experience and 4 hrs relevant training w/ Career Service( Sub-Professional)/ First Level Eligibility
(2) Administrative Aide IV (SG-4) RTCB-ADA4-40-2004 (1) Casual Position Completion of two years studies in college or high school graduate with relevant vocational/trade course w/1 year of relevant experience , Career Service (Sub-Professional)/ First Level Eligibility
(1) Administrative Aide I (SG-1) RTCB-ADA1-57-2004 Must be able to read and write, no experience, training and eligibility required


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Posted on January 15, 2018

During one conversation with former Senator Bongbong Marcos, he asked me why former Kabataang Barangay Presidents are so successful. I could not offer an answer so he answered his question himself. “It is because of the training,” he quipped.

This afternoon a group of former Kabataang Barangay Federation Presidents had a luncheon reunion at the Shangrila Restaurant at Times Street in Quezon City. They are all successful professionals and businessmen. At least four of them are lawyers (President Danny Concepcion of the University of the Philippines, Atty. Rey Reyes Jr., Atty. Allyson Erwin Bautista, Atty. Roni Baby Ignacio-Jose), and one is a Doctor of Medicine, Dr. Cecil Carag.

Miguel Ignacio is an alumnus of the RizalTech. Bernardo Tensuan is the former National Chairman of the Kabataang Barangay as well as the Federation President of Metro Manila, later on replaced by Danny Concepcion. I was President of the KB Federation of Pasig.

To my right is Danny Concepcion of UP.

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Now, here is a tidbit in Philippine Ethnoastronomy.  According to Tausug beliefs, a pregnant woman should take a bath in a mortar or “dikdikan” in Filipino when a lunar eclipse occurs. 

Habang nagbubuhos sya ng tubig, yung asawa nya dapat pinupukpok ng pambayo ang tagiliran ng dikdikan ng mga isa o tatlong beses. 

Ang dahilan, e para hindi magkaroon ng mga batik batik na asul o itim ang anak!

According to Bukidnon legend, you have to bring cans or the torotot you used during New Year’s Day or drums or anything that will make a lot of noise.  This is to scare the big snake or Bakunawa which has eaten the Moon or “gitukob sa bakunawa.” The Moon will then be able to come out of the stomach of the serpent.  And then shout “isoli mo ang Buwan!” or “iuli kanamo ang Bulan!”  The Manobos, who believe that it is a giant tarantula which embraces the Moon that causes an eclipse, even shoot arrows at the Moon, play the drums and beat the tin cans and dance wildly (hip hop?) and shout “Pakawalan moa ng Buwan!”  “Tatamaan ka ng pana!”  The giant tarantula is called “Tamban-a-kau-a”. 

Pag hindi nakawala ang Buwan sa yakap ng malaking gagamba, hindi na sisikat ang Araw, magdidilim na ang mundo, masasaman ispiritu ang maglilipana, tsaka ang mga damit natin magiging ahas lahat!

From Misamis Oriental, this is the advice to pregnant women:  “Ang mabdus nga babaye dili maggawas kung eklipse, kay kana dautan.”  Paki translate.

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Prepare for this one total lunar eclipse. It will be visible in the Philippines during early evening when most people are still awake. According to the timetable given in, the totality of the eclipse will be at 8:51 pm. The eclipse will last until 11:11 pm. However, the eclipse begins at 6:51 pm. And the Moon will begin getting redder by 7:48 pm. By 10:07, the Moon will begin its exit from the Earth’s shadow.

The Moon will be 366,488.87 kilometers away from Earth during this eclipse. It is about 20,000 kilometers closer to us than average. This will make the Moon obviously bigger than an ordinary full moon. This will be the second Supermoon this January of 2018. On January 1 we saw the Moon being only 363,299.52 km away. The second Supermoon will also be a Blue Moon which is the name given to the second full moon in any given month. This lunar eclipse is rare. The last total eclipse of a Blue Moon happened 150 years ago. In comparison, the Full Moon on September 6, 2017, the Moon was 384,611.80 kilometers from us, and on August 7, 2017, it was 395,776.28 kilometers away.

The Moon during the January 31 eclipse will be in the constellation Cancer. According to the Sky and Telescope (, Look around the sky during totality. Regulus, the brightest star in Leo, will be some 20° left of the eclipsed Moon. The Beehive Cluster (M44) will be around 5° upper right of the Moon.”

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