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CERTIFIED WORLD CLASS, Speech at the ISO Awarding Ceremonies at the Gonzales Hall, July 11, 2016

Posted on July 21, 2016

RizalTech granted ISO Certification

The RizalTech has been granted ISO Certification by the TUV SUD Asia Pacific TUV SUD Group.  It is now certified world class. The nature of an ISO certification is explained by Perry Johnson Registrars (

What is ISO 9000?

Quality is something every company strives for and is often times very difficult to achieve. Complications concerning efficiency and quality present themselves everyday in business, whether an important document cannot be found or a consumer finds a product not up to their expectations. How can a company increase the quality of its products and services? The answer is ISO 9000.

As standards go, ISO 9000 is one of the most widely recognized in the world. ISO 9000 is a quality management standard that presents guidelines intended to increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction. The goal of ISO 9000 is to embed a quality management system within an organization, increasing productivity, reducing unnecessary costs, and ensuring quality of processes and products.

Having thus been certified, our clients in the RizalTech can expect high quality service from the University.

This ISO Award was not achieved overnight.  It is the fruit of decades of effort in putting things in order in the RizalTech.  Countless obstacles were overcome.  Unbelievable challenges and problems were faced head on.  It was not an easy job to change the culture of an organization that in some stretches of its history has gone down deep in mediocrity and indifference.  We lifted it up to the level where it is today.

Looking back we comfort ourselves with the thought of this achievement.  I was part of it all.  I fought battles for the University for more than forty years, always with the goal of gaining respect for us, always trying to achieve quality because it is the only way towards having the respect of the community.  I feel that the days when we were treated with contempt by the people in the community and even by political leaders are gone, with some exceptions still.  But we can now hold our heads high even in the company of the most elite schools in the country and certainly among fellow State Universities.

I give thanks to all the dedicated employees of the RizalTech who worked directly in obtaining this Award.  The preparations were tremendous and backbreaking.  Dr. Salvacion Pachejo and her team did a marvelous job.  We were inspired by all the hardworking and dedicated employees of the University, and even by those who in the face of greatness, at the very last moment still find something to be critical about this achievement.

Many people have been instrumental in our achievements.

First of all, I would like to give thanks, unending thanks, to my former professor the late Senator Neptali A. Gonzales for uplifting this institution during the days when we lacked almost everything.  He gave us reason to be optimistic about our future.  He had faith in us.  He probably felt that even if we did not have much as a school, we had the heart that could lead us to great achievements.  He fought for us in the halls of the Senate and he won.  We became a University.  To salute his many contributions to this University, this very building, built through the efforts of his son, bears his name.

Former Congressman and Mayor Dr. Neptali M. Gonzales II never wavered in giving us support.  In his time at least four buildings were built in the RizalTech and another was finished through his support.  We ran to him whenever we needed help.  With the hundreds of computers he gave us we are ready for the e-libraries that would give us more capability to create and share knowledge to our students and to the world.  Dr. Gonzales worked to give the people of Mandaluyong scholarships, not only to enable them to enroll in the RizalTech but in many other schools as well.  Dr. Gonzales changed lives and gave hope to thousands of people.

A man of many achievements himself – former judge, MMDA Chairman, Mayor of Mandaluyong, and former COMELEC Chairman – Chairman Benjamin Abalos as we fondly call him today, had a vision that lasted for more than 20 years, to adopt the RizalTech as the City College of Mandaluyong.  Thus, the City Government, through the efforts of the late Councilor Delfin Asistio, poured in funds to this institution to help poor Mandalenos obtain an education, and a better chance for a brighter future.  His son, former Mayor Benhur Abalos, continued with his legacy.

The City of Pasig, through the efforts of Mayor Bobby Eusebio and former Mayor Maribel Eusebio, is now constructing additional buildings in the Pasig Campus.  Former Congressman Roman Romulo has worked to give us two buildings in the Pasig Campus.  And now we have no more space in that campus for more buildings.  We will seek an audience with Congressman Ricky Eusebio for the possibility of buying a new site for the Pasig Campus.  The people of the City of Pasig deserve quality education.  The Pasig Campus would not have found itself in its present site if not for the efforts of former Congressman Rufino S.B. Javier who sought funds for the purchase of a lot and for the construction of the original building in it, which we no unofficially call the Javier Building.  The Pasig Campus would have passed into oblivion if not for this very crucial help from Congressman Javier.

In the 25th founding day of this institution held in the old Pasig Campus inside the Rizal High School compound, we gave recognition to the people who have been part of our history such as former Governor Isidro Rodriguez who was the real founder of the RizalTech, though it was called the College of Rizal in his time, former Mayor Adelina Rodriguez, Dr. Alfred Tong of the TLRC, myself as President of the Kabataang Barangay School Chapter of RTC and Kabataang Barangay Federation President of Pasig, and of course the inimitable First Lady Madam Imelda Romualdez Marcos.  In the early years of this institution when we were fighting for life and continued existence, Dr. Lydia M. Profeta gave us inspiring leadership, and together with many students and employees, we fought for survival and we won.

In the 47 years of its existence, 17 years was under the leadership of former President Dr. Jose Q. Macaballug.  A lot was achieved during that time which history intertwined with the incumbencies of Senator Gonzales, Congressman Gonzales and Chairman Abalos, and Mayor Benhur Abalos.  Now, Dr. Macaballug is our President Emeritus, and whenever I need advice, I invite him.  Those 17 years in the presidency cannot be ignored.  A lot of wisdom goes with those years.  Often I sit in front of the photographs of the three presidents who preceded me and in the face of difficult situations, I think of how they would have reacted.  I tell you they would have reacted differently.  If Dr. Profeta and Dr. Estolas were alive I would have invited them often to lunch.  I was told that not very many presidents of SUCs consult with their predecessors.  I am just one of the very few.

The Strategic Plan of the RizalTech is an inexhaustible source of ideas and I refer to it often in my well-used copy.  The document was prepared by none other than the present Secretary of Science and Technology, Dr. Fortunato Dela Pena, who served the RizalTech as Member of the Board of Regents for 14 years.  His insights and suggestions challenged us to do better all the time.  He kept us on our toes.  He gives us a vision of the future.

And now we are ready for a new vision.  We have worked hard.  We have overcome adversity.  To be great is now our vision.  Let us begin doing all the things necessary to achieve this vision.  There is no time to lose.  It took us 47 years to come to this point.

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Posted on July 4, 2016

When some cats (including a new family of cats with the mother and three kittens) were caught, I could not bear to see them inside cages, so I ordered them freed again.

Maybe we should look for another way to deal with the cats.

They are hungry.  In an environment full of humans they are sometimes maltreated and chased.

Now there are cat lovers among us, including myself who was raised in a house with cats where I ate with cats, slept with cats, and played with cats.

Let us form a Cat Lovers’ Society. (Some humans suggested the name should be Batang Pusa Club or Anak ng Pusa Club.)

Let us form a core group right away.  Those who would like to join please come to the Office of the President and look for Judy-Ann Orillana , a certified cat lover, for registration.  When there are enough members we will apply for recognition from the DSA.

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