Month: January 2016

To Ms Jasmine Carlos

Posted on January 11, 2016

The CEIT Building was painted at the cost of only PhP1, 303,633.68.

To Ms. Maria Villamor Oanad, and concerned students

The incentives given to the employees over a period of three years, including the Chair and Members of the BOR on several occasions have not been unauthorized. It is only a matter of interpreting the law. The Board of Regents itself has the power granted by RA 8292 to allocate the funds of the University earned from its income for purposes of instruction, research and extension.

At any rate, all members of the BOR are also given an allowance of PhP5, 400 every time they attend a meeting of the Board or any of its committees. This is also allowed by law.

Ms Joyce Anne Pinto and concerned students

You’re right. There are a lot of improvements the classrooms need. There are a lot of improvements the University needs. I am not going to make excuses here. I will no longer tell you how worse our situation has been years ago when you have not entered this University yet.

When I read your post I immediately asked the Grounds and Buildings Supervisor, Engr. Corleto Bravo, and Engr. Dong Matias who is in charge of infrastructure projects, and asked them about those electric fans and comfort rooms since I have not heard from them about these things for quite some time.

Our steel arm chairs are old, even older than you perhaps. Our water supply is completely dependent on the maintenance of our water pumps. Even before the sun rises our maintenance crews are hard at work to ensure our water supply.

Well, the flush of the comfort rooms have been constantly being repaired and replaced, but if you can tell where the defective units are I will really appreciate it. I have called the plumbers now to the office to ask them to go around the comfort rooms first thing tomorrow to look for all things that should be repaired.

More than what you have said in your post, notice also those broken windows in the Old Building, the crumpled blackboards and white boards, and the decaying teachers’ platforms.

That is why when you were enjoying your Christmas vacation, Ric Dulay and the maintenance crew were repairing and repainting the steel arm chairs.

Now here is what I am really waiting with eagerness.

The Bids and Awards Committee for Goods and Services has finished the bidding of a project for the Repair and Renovation of the Old Building. It will cost about PhP 20 million. This will transform the Old Building, hopefully, into a much better place to study.

Keep on posting your suggestions. I really appreciate them.

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To Miss Abigail Tolosa Yagui and concerned students

Posted on January 11, 2016

You have posted “RTU has continuously received purchased equipment, mostly for engineering courses” daw. San po Matatagpuan ito? Masyado naman yatang mahiwaga yung mga equipments. May INVISIBLE POWERS? Astig

Dear Ms Yagui,

If you have the time, kindly visit the Dean of the College of Engineering, Engr. Ricardo Nasuli, who can show you around the laboratories which now contain the new equipment. In particular, you can visit the laboratories of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Earth and Space Sciences, and Electronics and Communications Engineering. You may also want to visit the Chemistry and Physics laboratories. There are new equipment for this department which were delivered in the Pasig Campus. If you want, you may open the President’s Corner on Facebook, or visit our website, And look for the President’s Corner. I have listed down SOME of the equipment we have purchased. There are quite a number of them already.

The laboratory of the ICE has been upgraded only NOW since it was established in the early 1980s.

You may also want to see the libraries which are all equipped with computers for those who want to do research. The CAS has its own computer laboratory as well as the CED. Some laboratories also have computers, particularly EE, CE, ICE, ESS, Psychology and even the LHS. The CBET has two computer laboratories as well as the CEIT. Add to this the computer lab of the MIC and you can already count a lot of computers in the University.

Even the library of the Pasig Campus has computers.

Or perhaps you may want to use our drinking fountains? I assure you we have the most number of drinking fountains among all State Universities and Colleges in the country.

I hope you were old enough to remember how these computer laboratories were not yet there before I became President. Of course they are not enough. I have asked the MIC Director, Dr. Aphril Alcalde, to install additional 48 units of computers to the IT laboratory in the Neptali A. Gonzales Academic Hall.

This afternoon, additional equipment has arrived. You may check the details with the Guardian staffers who have already covered the arrivals.

The MIC Director has asked me if we can buy an additional 400 computers.

We have been buying those equipment. Please check them for yourself. Thank you. Or you may personally see me and I will be your tour guide.

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