This Was A Church, The Church of Sta. Clara De Montefalco

Posted on October 3,2017

Once there was church in Barangay Caniogan, Pasig City. It was a small church, a chapel, it might be said. The people in the barangay called it “kapilya”. It was one of the important centers of activities of the people in the community, with masses held during Sundays, and of course, the “simbang gabi” during the Christmas season.
My parents were active participants in the activiries in the kapilya. When I was sorting out the old pictures in an old Spanish-era cabinet in our house, I saw these pictures.

The ladies of Barangay Caniogan posing in front of the church altar. Note the 1950s’ design of the flooring. This picture was taken in the 1980s. There were few changes in the altar pieces. The statue of the saint on the right of the picture is probably different from the statue in the 1960s picture.

The church altar. This picture is sure to have been taken in the 1960s.

This picture was probably taken in the 1970s during a simbang gabi. Note the car on the foreground which is probably a 1970s Toyota Corona.

The chapel today. I took this picture on October 1, 2017

The old flooring of the chapel is still recognizable. A tarpaulin can be seen lying at the bottom. It says that the church would probably be rehabilitated and would be dedicated to Saints Lorenzo Ruiz and Pedro Calungsod.

The altar has been stripped bare. Even the wood paneling of the altar is gone. The cross on the top of the church is also gone. The bells in the belfry are also gone. Perhaps with some more research I will find out where these things have gone.

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