The Javier Building in the Pasig Campus


Posted on July 24, 2017

The original building in the Pasig campus which we often call the Javier Building in honor of the great man who sought ways to have it built, needs repairs now.  I have authorized its repainting and rehabilitation.  I hope it can be done soon considering the slow process of bidding as required by law.

What should be its color or colors?

I hope it should not look like the adjacent Pasig City General Hospital.  In the past, ambulances often entered the Pasig Campus mistaking it for the hospital.

You see those mango trees?  It was planted sometime in 1996 by Quintin Gacoscos but I brought the seedlings.  I think it was Dr. Serafin Lucas who was the campus director then, or was it Dr. Amelita De Guzman?  Anyway, the contractor of that covered walk wanted to cut those trees down.  I objected vigorously and so they devised a way to save the trees.

I just signed an office order authorizing the Bids and Awards Committee  headed by Dr. Elmer Pascual to start the procurement process for the Repainting of the Exterior Wall and the Repair of the Damaged Ceiling of the 4th floor of the building.  The total amount will be PhP 8,638,685.73 for the project.

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