The Inauguration of the MAE Building in the Pasig Campus


Posted on July 24, 2017

On June 30, 2017 the MAE Building in the Pasig Campus was inaugurated.  Attending the ceremonies were Mayor Bobby Eusebio, former Mayor Maria Belen Eusebio, and some of the members of the City Council.

The procurement for 1,250 steel tablet armchairs for the Pasig Campus is in its final stages.  These chairs will be put in the classrooms of the MAE Building and in the soon-to-be-finished building sponsored by former Congressman Roman Romulo and now being continued through the efforts of Congressman Ricky Eusebio.

The 104 units of computers we bought in 2016 are finally installed in three new computer laboratories in the MAE Building.  When I became President in 2010 there was not a single working computer in the Pasig Campus Computer Laboratory.

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