Message to the Alumni

Posted on July 3, 2017

It’s time to revisit your Pledge of Loyalty.

“In recognition of all the things that my Alma Mater has done to me as an alumnus of the Rizal Technological University…”

I think we all have to give back a part of ourselves to our Alma Mater to fulfill this pledge that we owe a lot to her, that the success we enjoy wouldn’t have been possible without her. We will honor our Alma Mater in love and service because with knowledge we have been filled and our hands have learned to shape the firm foundations of our lives.

“I hereby pledge to her my loyalty…”

I am proud of my Alma Mater wherever I go and whomever I meet. Regardless of where life has brought me my heart is with the RizalTech, and I shall thank her forever for bringing me to the light of my profession. And I will raise her banner gold and blue and keep it flying high!

“…and solemnly promise to live up to her ideals, to uphold her principles and tradition always.”

It is that knowledge is not the only goal of education in the RizalTech; it is to give meaning to our lives also. It is to serve our people, to give the best of what we have: talent, skills and strength, and offer every honor back to God and country. We are full of pride and joy because of this great school that nurtured us and shapes our future. Give the RizalTech your alma Mater the respect it deserves, like your parents who have nurtured you and prepared you for the challenges ahead. Dress properly when you enter the RizalTech campus: this is a sign of respect. Respect what the RizalTech stands for, respect her ideals and principles, and respect the values that guide us.

“…to work to preserve the heritage of our race, to discharge my duties towards my country and people whenever I may find myself to be.”

We will keep the flame alive and burning in our hearts that we may truly serve our God and country, that every knowledge we have gained, ever skill we learned and the values that we formed will be our treasures.

“So help me God.”

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