In 1994 when I had barely assumed my new position as Vice President of the Rizal Technological Colleges, Mayor Ben Abalos intimated to us the idea that he would like to have the RTC adopted as the City College of Mandaluyong. Dr. Jose Macaballug, the President at that time, immediately formed a counterpart Panel to study the mechanics of the adoption, together with the counterpart Panel from the City Government of Mandaluyong.

I was assigned as the Chairman of the RTC Panel, while the late Councilor Delfin Asistio was the Chairman of the City Panel. For months we negotiated the details of the adoption, and finally on February 9, 1995, the Memorandum of Agreement was signed by Mayor Benjamin Abalos Sr. and President Jose Macaballug of RTC on the roof deck of the Kalentong Police Station.  Attending the ceremonies was Senator Neptali A. Gonzales, the Senate President at the time.

The adoption ushered in the influx of funds to the RTC by way of the CMCS or the City of Mandaluyong Collegiate Scholarship which has already benefitted thousands of young people since the inception of the program in 1995. The adoption gave the RTC a sense of belongingness to the community, that we are not alone as we used to and that we are important.  The adoption gave us a sense of pride, a sense of knowing that we can achieve anything.

We owe this to former Mayor and COMELEC and MMDA Chairman Ben Abalos.  As a fitting tribute we have awarded him with the degree Doctor of Public Administration Honoris Causa for his contributions to the development of the City of Mandaluyong to what it is today as one of the leading cities in the country, for his achievements and innovations as MMDA and COMELEC Chairman.

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