New ECE Equipment

Posted on November 15, 2016

On November 11, 2016 a delivery was made for new ECE equipment by the supplier Innovative Concepts marketing.  They are 3 units of Tuned Circuits and Filtered trainers, 3 units of Modulation and Coding Trainer, 3 units of Real Time Access Terminal, 3 units of Interactive Teaching Software, 3 units of Windows-based PC with Pre-installed OS, 3 units of Function Generator, 3 units of DC Power Supply, 3 units of Digital Multimeter Sanwa brand, and 3 units of Analog Multimeter.

The total cost of the delivery is PhP 4,036,962.76.  The items have been procured through public bidding in accordance with Republic Act 9184.

The procurement of these items is in the spirit of the mission of the RizalTech to provide her students high quality education, to give them the opportunity to have a bright future for themselves and to contribute to the highly-educated, disciplined, and capable work force of the country.

Categories: President's Corner